Teddy Dondanville


Atrapado en piedra Pachamama grita desde dentro Ella vea lo que pasa a su tierra   Lagrimas corren y ella se cubre la cara Si ella llora, todos lloran Ella Necesita ser fuerte Como la piedra que ella llama hogar

I like to be so light, as to waiver in the wind and to sit upright in order to feel just right.   I like to be with eyes closed,  like a tree who can’t see, and to be still like a statue posed.    I like to inhale deep, as to a whale at sea, and to feel my heart leap when I find a place I’d like to keep.

The sunset still looked good through my teary eyes. The cold hard bench felt just right.   “¿Papi, por qué el cielo es así?”   From golden light, to orange and then red. That was the thought running through his tiny head.

Four months is a short time But each day you made my smile shine. I loved the meals we shared And the oceans in which we stared.   Your iconic laughter Filled the room to the rafter. And your smooth Spanish skills They gave me the chills.   I was lucky to be your roommate Not once did I ever feel hate. Instead I felt pride If only you were by my… Read More

The sight and smell of food evoke a nausea in me kin to that of a greenhorn seaman. I drunkenly sway and stumble my way through my day. In and out of sleep. My body is sick.   Days turn into weeks. I watch the food enter me and then feel it leave me. Void of the nutrients that keep my vibrant, I lose my luster. My body is fighting.   Slowly… Read More

After one’s departure We often think: Where do our lovers go? What is the next step? Not once do we hypothesize: Where does the world go, when our lovers can’t speak? They are the ones who might be missing, But we are the ones who are lost; Struggling to be found. Without them we are not whole. Turning inward, We pray Meditate Rationalize: Surely there must be a destination? We hold tight… Read More

I slept amongst the shade Cast by the eucalyptus and caressed by the breeze; Birds they sing to share their message. Dreams come and go rapidly Too fast to cast my judgment; I latch on and then let it go.  Reluctantly I awaken at the foot of Huascaran Smaller than when I began but prouder than when I came; Body refreshed and mind reset I roll over for more.

via Daily Prompt: Branch This is me, I am but a tree. With my roots in the ground, I am able to grow round. Through the winter cold, until the river runs bold. My branches are strong, by the wind they sing a song. Of patience and realness, and love for stillness.

It seems to me That we Just cannot leave it be You are not like me Instead we Differ, you see? I am unique High up on my peak Way down below, you the freak.