Teddy Dondanville


Four months is a short time But each day you made my smile shine. I loved the meals we shared And the oceans in which we stared.   Your iconic laughter Filled the room to the rafter. And your smooth Spanish skills They gave me the chills.   I was lucky to be your roommate Not once did I ever feel hate. Instead I felt pride If only you were by my… Read More

I slept amongst the shade Cast by the eucalyptus and caressed by the breeze; Birds they sing to share their message. Dreams come and go rapidly Too fast to cast my judgment; I latch on and then let it go.  Reluctantly I awaken at the foot of Huascaran Smaller than when I began but prouder than when I came; Body refreshed and mind reset I roll over for more.

A man moved away today. Not just any man, a very special man. A son moved away today. A son who was loyal to his mother and father. A brother moved away today. A brother who learned from and loved his siblings. A friend moved away today. A friend that made everyone feel welcome, even the stranger. A lover moved away today. A lover whose tenderness can never be replaced. My best… Read More