Teddy Dondanville


Four months is a short time But each day you made my smile shine. I loved the meals we shared And the oceans in which we stared.   Your iconic laughter Filled the room to the rafter. And your smooth Spanish skills They gave me the chills.   I was lucky to be your roommate Not once did I ever feel hate. Instead I felt pride If only you were by my… Read More

After one’s departure We often think: Where do our lovers go? What is the next step? Not once do we hypothesize: Where does the world go, when our lovers can’t speak? They are the ones who might be missing, But we are the ones who are lost; Struggling to be found. Without them we are not whole. Turning inward, We pray Meditate Rationalize: Surely there must be a destination? We hold tight… Read More

Brother from another mother, Costa Rica was our foundation But let us cruise this nation Showing love and eliminating the other. One from the east, the other from the west Together with a similar quest, To never let the flame smother. Always searching for what the future has in store Never settling for less, but always battling for more.

When I think about you, my cup overflows with excitement. Hitting the ground, my gratitude for you seeps deep into the earth. Inundated with affection, a seed sprouts a new life. Tickling the soil’s surface, the sun provides its warming attention. Never too much, but instead just enough. Elated, the seedling grows strong and blossoms bright. Yellow and tall a sunflower takes form, providing smiles to all.

Where one gaze ends, another begins. Connected by what we see now, and where our dreams wander. The roads we walk are different, And the shoes we wear we cannot share, But the destinations of our journeys end all the same. How we get there is up to us. The lessons we learn are meant to be told, and the attitudes upheld, together they meld.