Far From Forgotten

After one’s departure

We often think:

Where do our lovers go?

What is the next step?

Not once do we hypothesize:

Where does the world go,

when our lovers can’t speak?

They are the ones who might be missing,

But we are the ones who are lost;

Struggling to be found.

Without them we are not whole.

Turning inward,

We pray



Surely there must be a destination?

We hold tight the ideas of them.

Their laughter, smile, smell and voice;

And fight against the forgetting


Please enjoy these photos and click on the URLs to fight against the forgetting. They may be gone but they are far from forgotten.

eric cruz

Eric Cruz, I Love You Brother

derek winton

Derek Winton, I Love You


Kelly Cano, You Are Loved

Arcana Restaurant in Boulder

Matt Lackey, LOVEtriBE Forever

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