Teddy Dondanville


When I think about you, my cup overflows with excitement. Hitting the ground, my gratitude for you seeps deep into the earth. Inundated with affection, a seed sprouts a new life. Tickling the soil’s surface, the sun provides its warming attention. Never too much, but instead just enough. Elated, the seedling grows strong and blossoms bright. Yellow and tall a sunflower takes form, providing smiles to all.

Once a cock, now a clock and always the sun. Dragged back into consciousness Fight off the sleepiness. A frightful sound stalking like a hound. Bark, bark…beep beep…Please! Just one more minute of sleep! Whatever the sound be, It brings one to their knee. But why must it be a symbol of hate? When all it does is open the gate. A new day has broken, the sun rises, a golden token…. Read More