Teddy Dondanville


We are four days into the new school year. This will be my last year working at my beloved school. In fact, I won’t even be able to finish the school year. Technically I will be done in November and the school year ends right before Christmas in December. With that said, I have thought about sticking around a little bit after my service and potentially seeing the school year to its… Read More

As the sun sets, a new day begins. Where it goes and whom receives its shine; that is not a matter of mine.   It’s darker now and colder too. Moon and stars provide their light; I feel you shiver and hold you tight.   Old day for us and new day for them. Waking up, breathing deep; lay down now and rest your head for sleep.    

Once a cock, now a clock and always the sun. Dragged back into consciousness Fight off the sleepiness. A frightful sound stalking like a hound. Bark, bark…beep beep…Please! Just one more minute of sleep! Whatever the sound be, It brings one to their knee. But why must it be a symbol of hate? When all it does is open the gate. A new day has broken, the sun rises, a golden token…. Read More