Teddy Dondanville


¿Dónde estoy en su pais? ¿Dónde estoy en su cultura? ¿Dónde estoy en mi aprendizaje? ¿Dónde estoy en mi mente? Nada mas importa. Yo estoy aquí.    

When I started this blog, I thought it was a good idea to start with a few things about me. Lacking creativity I subsumed my existence into 10 bullet points. Later in my PC experience I wrote a post about my current status. Interested in the transformation of my self identification, I want to continue these ‘about me’ posts. This reflection and intrigue all began with an identity map experience we did earlier in PST. … Read More

Water turns to snow and the earth begins its glow. A blanket swaddles the earth, except cold and not of the hearth. We animals seek refuge inside. Afraid of summer’s winter bride. Waiting, we try to survive. Only some are able to thrive. They are those who dealt with the froze. They are those who find the first rose.   

A man moved away today. Not just any man, a very special man. A son moved away today. A son who was loyal to his mother and father. A brother moved away today. A brother who learned from and loved his siblings. A friend moved away today. A friend that made everyone feel welcome, even the stranger. A lover moved away today. A lover whose tenderness can never be replaced. My best… Read More