Teddy Dondanville


The most recent book I read was Madre Noche  (Mother Night) by Kurt Vonnegut. And yes I read it in Spanish. Which as it would turn out, much unlike the Harry Potter books I’ve read in Spanish, to be a bad idea. Like some of the other books I’ve read (El Lunes Son Para Libros: 1st Edition) I stumbled upon Madre Noche in a book exchange library in Huaraz. Since high school I have been… Read More

For this edition of Los Lunes Son Para Libros, I want to talk about 100 Years of Solitude, written by Gabriel García Márquez (GGM). I found this book in the office I work in at my school. I am assuming it had been left behind by the previous volunteer. I picked it up not really knowing what is was and took it home. It sat on a shelf for about a month before… Read More

Atrapado en piedra Pachamama grita desde dentro Ella vea lo que pasa a su tierra   Lagrimas corren y ella se cubre la cara Si ella llora, todos lloran Ella Necesita ser fuerte Como la piedra que ella llama hogar

The sunset still looked good through my teary eyes. The cold hard bench felt just right.   “¿Papi, por qué el cielo es así?”   From golden light, to orange and then red. That was the thought running through his tiny head.

Mi cultura no es la mejor, te extiendo mi amor. De donde yo soy, no importa el día de hoy. Somos iguales, somos humanos. Sigame y dame tu manos.