Teddy Dondanville


When you miss me, do nothing more than look up. When I feel sad, I find solace in the skies. When you wish to be by my side, wait for nightfall and look to the stars. When I want to go home, I feel safe as our gazes meet on the moon.

¿Dónde estoy en su pais? ¿Dónde estoy en su cultura? ¿Dónde estoy en mi aprendizaje? ¿Dónde estoy en mi mente? Nada mas importa. Yo estoy aquí.    

En la valle mis pulmones son llenos con polvo, En la montañas respiro aire fresco. En la valle los autos me dominan, En las montañas camino sin temor. En la valle aprendo como aspirante, En las montañas trabajo como voluntario. Uno es mejor que otro, Pero en los dos lugares lindos, Vivo agradaciemente.

Mi cultura no es la mejor, te extiendo mi amor. De donde yo soy, no importa el día de hoy. Somos iguales, somos humanos. Sigame y dame tu manos. 

The IRB sucks Making your life like hell Research will be dope

Sun bro warms my skin As my love freezes within I just hope it survives for my kin

Brother from another mother, Costa Rica was our foundation But let us cruise this nation Showing love and eliminating the other. One from the east, the other from the west Together with a similar quest, To never let the flame smother. Always searching for what the future has in store Never settling for less, but always battling for more.

When I think about you, my cup overflows with excitement. Hitting the ground, my gratitude for you seeps deep into the earth. Inundated with affection, a seed sprouts a new life. Tickling the soil’s surface, the sun provides its warming attention. Never too much, but instead just enough. Elated, the seedling grows strong and blossoms bright. Yellow and tall a sunflower takes form, providing smiles to all.

Water turns to snow and the earth begins its glow. A blanket swaddles the earth, except cold and not of the hearth. We animals seek refuge inside. Afraid of summer’s winter bride. Waiting, we try to survive. Only some are able to thrive. They are those who dealt with the froze. They are those who find the first rose.