Teddy Dondanville


The second part of our trip to Arequipa revolved around visiting Colca Canyon. In the world, this canyon is the second deepest canyon behind something bigger in Tibet. It is about 3,270 meters deep. It the southern hemisphere, it is by far the largest. The entire area surrounding the canyon and the small town that can be found along its rim are perfect hubs for exploring the canyon. Most of the activity… Read More

For Semana Santa, I ran away to Southern Peru to visit la cuidad blanca, Arequipa. During this part of the year the entirety of Peru get days off of work and school. As Peace Corps volunteers, we too are granted a few vacation days to take part in the festivities. ¬†Pretty much any other Latin American and Catholic country takes time to celebrate. They are remembering the persecution and crucifixion of Jesus,… Read More