Teddy Dondanville


I by far am the happiest I can be when I am in the mountains. The fresh air. The cool temperatures. The sun, wind, rain and snow. The high elevation. The views. The space. The skiing, climbing, cycling, hiking and camping. All of that feeds me. Feeds my body. Shaping me and it. Forging me into the person I love to be. This poem series is about that transformation. About my body,… Read More

For Semana Santa, I ran away to Southern Peru to visit la cuidad blanca, Arequipa. During this part of the year the entirety of Peru get days off of work and school. As Peace Corps volunteers, we too are granted a few vacation days to take part in the festivities.  Pretty much any other Latin American and Catholic country takes time to celebrate. They are remembering the persecution and crucifixion of Jesus,… Read More