Teddy Dondanville


So I’ve been in country for about 6 months. This is by far the longest time I have been out of the country. And I think the longest time I’ve been away from my family. I am no stranger to living on my own, but I always make it home for a week or two during the holidays. One part of me deeply misses my family and friends. The other part of… Read More

Glaring at me, like sun after sleep Was an eye. The pupil, dark as night and the outline, A golden glowing white. Never before had I seen such a vision. I heard myself pleading, ‘please don’t go away… please don’t go away’ As if I knew its visit was impermanent. Slowly my visitor began to dissolve, My eyes fluttered as if to preserve its beauty. But like everything in this world, Its… Read More

When I think about trying to describe myself to other people, I feel as if making a list would be the easiest option. Then again, subsuming my entirety into a single list is kind of sad. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am going to do it anyway. If you feel as if this list cannot possibly do me justice (I hope?!) then feel free to reach out and get… Read More