Teddy Dondanville


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Into life I am born. In this life I perform. With this life I conform. By this life I am sworn.

The flatland has mountains too. You just can’t see them, you can only feel them. The mountains, they come in waves. Sometimes nonstop, other times not so much. Very rarely are they quiet, the mountains. Sometimes a low drone, other times a screaming whine. They, the mountains, are always cold and rarely warm. Sometimes chilling to the bone, other times cooling sweat. The flatland has mountains too, I say. You just can’t… Read More

Where does the wind blow When we cannot see it flow? How does the ocean rise From behind our privileged guise? How does the ice melt When the temperature cannot be felt? Where is the polluted air With blue skies as far as the eye can stare? These are the questions we must ask To answer them is our task.

When I think about trying to describe myself to other people, I feel as if making a list would be the easiest option. Then again, subsuming my entirety into a single list is kind of sad. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am going to do it anyway. If you feel as if this list cannot possibly do me justice (I hope?!) then feel free to reach out and get… Read More