Teddy Dondanville


Cellphone Dependency I think there is an overall expectation that when you join the Peace Corps you will be completely disconnected. That you will be tossed into a world without cell phone service, wi-fi and/or other basic technologies. That you will become independent from this technologies and learn to live without them. This might be true for some Peace Corps posts around the world. But part of me doubts that one would… Read More

Early Saturday morning, myself and some friends stopped for some breakfast on the way to climbing. I ordered a maca drink and two lomo saltado breakfast sandwiches. Upon finishing my first serving of maca, I kindly asked the señora for a yapa. The friends I was with were surprised when they heard me ask for the yapa. They were surprised that I knew what it was and how to utilize this uniquely… Read More

One of the things I have had to comes to terms with is probably not being able to see visible change in the behaviors or lives of some of the students I work with during the short time I am here. Two years might feel like a long time, but in reality, it’s just a blimp on the life course and maturation of the students I get involved with (even tinier blimp… Read More

I decided to do a bit of reflecting about the things like I like most about Peru. Some of the things I am most grateful for. I don’t think this is an exhaustive list by any means. Nor is it in any particular order. They are just some things I want to express gratitude for. #1 The Food Yes it’s true, I’ve been sick a lot in Peru. No doubt because of… Read More

Life is like a flower feed it with passionwatch it grow. Open up, show your colorsshare your beautyand your scent. Soak up your sun, while you canbecause on Sundays the gardener comes.

Holy smokes my trip to Colombia was epic! Or should I say ‘our’ trip to Colombia. I linked up with Whitney in the airport in Bogotá. The meet up went seamlessly. Our flights landed practically at the same time. By the time I was out of the bathroom near the Customs processing point I nearly ran into Whitney as she was exiting her flight. What a nice hug that was! It had… Read More

I see the universe levitating above your shoulders. A cloud filled with your essence. They look, I beam. I beam from the beauty beyond the image. Your magic reflects in my eyes.