Teddy Dondanville


Death Valley National Park, previously the lands of the Timbisha Shoshone Indians, was a quick pit stop to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. We enjoyed two days in the Park. Unfortunately, the pet policy at the Park is on the stricter side compared to some other parks. So Dottie really couldn’t enjoy much with us and had to stay in the car. So as a result, we popped around the Park and… Read More

Not everyone knows this, but there is world-class rock climbing just Northwest of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The mountains, rivers, and forests are a stunning backdrop to Sin city. Over millennia, six Native American tribes utilized the area for its plant, water, and wildlife resources, with the Southern Paiute being the most modern. We arrived in Las Vegas sooner than we had planned. We wanted to stop in Lime Kiln,… Read More

From the town of Benson, AZ, the looming size of Cochise Stronghold strikes you in the face for the first time. And you’re still about 30 miles away. From then on, as you pummel down the highway, barely able to control your excitement to finally grip Southern Arizona granite with your fingertips and toes, the Stronghold draws you in slowly, like a moth attracted to the limelight of a headlamp. Cochise Stronghold… Read More

A while back I bought a book for Whitney as a gift. I became interested in the book because the author was a climber and self-publisher. I had read some of his other stuff and liked his writing. When I found out I could contribute to his Kickstarter campaign and receive a copy of the book I went for it. I didn’t know much about the book besides that it was a… Read More

This time, the book I will be talking about is Wild Winds, Adventures in the High Andes, written by Ed Darack. I came upon this book from a friend. She was finishing her service and was getting rid of some of her non-essential items. She saw the book and figured I might like it. So she gifted it to me. Wild Winds is about a mountaineer and photographer (Darack) and his passion for photographing… Read More

Holy smokes my trip to Colombia was epic! Or should I say ‘our’ trip to Colombia. I linked up with Whitney in the airport in Bogotá. The meet up went seamlessly. Our flights landed practically at the same time. By the time I was out of the bathroom near the Customs processing point I nearly ran into Whitney as she was exiting her flight. What a nice hug that was! It had… Read More