Frigg Yeah Friday #34

Here’s Whit getting ready to do the first climb of the trip. Look at that friggen rock! 

We met some new friends from Colorado on our first day, Kirsten and Zack. We spent the next few days eating and climbing together. Good friggen people. 

Beer on the balcony of our cliffside cabina. Beer was warm but what-the-frigg-ever! 

Whit leading up a climb on day 3. We both got our butts kicked on the route but it was still friggen fun….sorta. 

A photo of Whitney in the cabina we stayed in. Pretty much a wooden tent. It was cozy. Frigg yeah. 

This little monkey named Jacinto lived at the refugio we stayed at. He was one hell of a trouble maker. He would steal food and gear if you weren’t looking. Friggen cute though. 

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