Mountain Forged, Part 2: The Mind

I by far am the happiest I can be when I am in the mountains. The fresh air. The cool temperatures. The sun, wind, rain and snow. The high elevation. The views. The space. The skiing, climbing, cycling, hiking and camping. All of that feeds me. Feeds my body. Shaping me and it. Forging me into the person I love to be. This poem series is about that transformation. About my body, mind and spirit when it’s in the mountains. Stayed tuned for part 3 (tomorrow), the spirit.

Mountain Forged Mind

Dirty hands, tired shoulders and pumped arms
eyes to the dirt, head in the clouds
what I see and how I think
only becomes more clear and more still
without walls
or roof
without concrete
without the noise of the busy city beat

2 Comments on “Mountain Forged, Part 2: The Mind

    • I agree! Photo isn’t mine, but its of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. One of the many mountain ranges I’ve had the privilege of spending time in and exploring.


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