Mountain Forged, Part 1: The Body

I by far am the happiest I can be when I am in the mountains. The fresh air. The cool temperatures. The sun, wind, rain and snow. The high elevation. The views. The space. The skiing, climbing, cycling, hiking and camping. All of that feeds me. Feeds my body. Shaping me and it. Forging me into the person I love to be. This poem series is about that transformation. About my body, mind and spirit when it’s in the mountains. Stayed tuned for part 2 (tomorrow), the mind.

Mountain Forged Body

Light blue eyes squint from the strong sun
skin burns and freckles
creating the feet of crow
relaxed wrinkles
projecting years of experience onto my face
like the rings of an old oak

Pushing and pulling, contracting and expanding
the power of steep uphills
the force of the downhills
becomes engrained into my thighs and calves
knees creak from the exertion
“better with age”
better to be used, abused and appreciated
than to never have felt the pain

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