Teddy Dondanville


I already sort of shared about this concept in a different blog post I wrote. Sharing is one of my favorite things I like about living in Peru. I think that because it is all around me that I tend to share more often now myself. The most obvious thing is food. If I buy a drink, popcorn or some ice cream it has become really normal for me to share with… Read More

A lot of the travel in Peru gets done in buses, minivans or some weird car-contraption thing. Whether you are traveling within a city or perhaps in between two or three, you will probably use whats called a combi. I am not sure where the name came from, but I like to think that combi comes from ‘combine’ or ‘combination’. Like a whole ton of people (a combination) combined in one car…. Read More

Body Awareness The amount of times I have been sick during my Peace Corps service is innumerable. During pre-service training, I was sick every month. For a while during my first year, I was sick every couple of weeks. My body was having a really hard time adjusting to the water, the food, climate and bacterias. I would get colds, fevers, chills, body aches, diarrhea, headaches… the whole enchilada. I took lots… Read More

I spent a lot of time putting together my PC resume. Before I knew what program I would be applying to I tailored individual documents for each program. I attended multiple resume workshops, collected example drafts from PC recruiters and received direct feedback on my resumes until they were ready to be submitted. The fact is that the PC has very specific things they look for in a resume. It is crucial… Read More

One of the more uniquely Peruvian things we learned once we became volunteers was the concept of Hora Peruana (Peruvian Hour). It isn’t necessarily used to say that an hour in Peru last longer or shorter than hours in other places. Time is the same for everyone. Instead, it get used to describe or excuse when things start late or people arrive delayed. This isn’t just a concept that gets toted by… Read More

Perhaps one of my favorite changes I have seen in myself since I started my service is that I seem to have more confidence and higher self-esteem. I think a lot of this gets manifested when I speak in public. Public speaking has never really been a big issue for me. I could present in front of groups, participate in skits, improvise etc. I got comfortable and good at that. But that… Read More

Cellphone Dependency I think there is an overall expectation that when you join the Peace Corps you will be completely disconnected. That you will be tossed into a world without cell phone service, wi-fi and/or other basic technologies. That you will become independent from this technologies and learn to live without them. This might be true for some Peace Corps posts around the world. But part of me doubts that one would… Read More