Little Changes I See: Sharing More & Non-attachment

I already sort of shared about this concept in a different blog post I wrote. Sharing is one of my favorite things I like about living in Peru. I think that because it is all around me that I tend to share more often now myself.

The most obvious thing is food. If I buy a drink, popcorn or some ice cream it has become really normal for me to share with whoever is around me. Or to buy multiple ice creams and share them. For 1 sol ( about 30 cents) you can buy 5 fruit popsicle things. This make sharing really easy.

I also think the rock climbing culture in Peru has helped me appreciate sharing things more and share more myself. For the most part, in the States, the climbing culture is also very generous. When snacks come out at the cliff or camp site everyone begins to share and eat what others are offering. It’s the same in Peru. If not more generous. You see a lot of time people bringing a kilo of some fruit, orange for example, to go climbing where they share with everyone around. Who is going to eat a kilo of oranges by themselves?

More generally I think serving in the Peace Corps is practically an experience in practicing non-attachment and letting go of things. You let go of your “normal life” (at least for the time being) and everything that comes with it: family, friends, lovers, material possessions etc. You learn to live without these things and to create a new lifestyle. In my case this newer lifestyle has been really rewarding and fun to create. The practice of non-attachment to things I think is a catalyst for sharing more. Extra beer? Lets pass it around. Want some oranges? I have 4. Want to try my dinner? What did you order? You drank all your water? Have some of mine.

I believe that food and drink normally taste better after working hard for them (or when you’re camping). Experiences are normally more rewarding if their is struggle built into them to compliment the success. I think this much is also true for food and drink and experiences when they shared with other people.

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