Little Changes I See: Increased Media Intake

Since I have come to Perú my media intake has increased quite a bit. I find myself using my cell phone a lot more, and relying on my computer to entertain me. For some people I think this might sound like the opposite of the Peace Corps experience. In fact, I never would have predicted that my media intake in the Peace Corps would grow to be larger than it was when I was living in the United States.

For the most part, I am talking about Netflix, Youtube and downloaded television I have on my hard drive. I also use a lot of Instagram and WordPress. When I lived in the States I would enjoy Netflix every now and again. But now, Friday and Saturday nights are movie nights. Sundays are often movie nights also. I normally get something started during dinner and watch throughout cooking and eating.

My Youtube usage is very different from when I was in the States. Back then, I hardly ever used Youtube. I would click on the occasional link or search for a video to show a friend. But now, I go onto Youtube pretty much everyday. I search around for climbing videos mostly. But I also watch things like Ted talks, skiing edits, videos about video games, cycling and camping. In fact I watch so much that my Youtube home screen has been transformed into the categories I like watching with recommended videos.

…I literally just went to watch a video while writing this…

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