Frigg Yeah Friday #38

Zach scoping Antacocha. It was a beautiful friggen day for some multi-pitch

We topped out a little after 2 hours. It was the fastest I had climbed it. Poor Zach was sick during the whole thing. He might have sharted his pants. Nope, he defnitely friggen did.

After Antacocha we went to climb in the Llaca Valley. Another friggen fantastic day for weather.

We topped out in just under 3 hours. It was a beautiful climb. I had been wanting to try it since I found out about it 2 years ago. Frigg yeah!

The view from the friggen top! We are at around 15k feet above sea level.

Laguna Llaca and the valley of Llaca. Last time I came here all the rock was wet. Frigg No! But this time the weather was splitter and the rock was perfect granite.

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