Frigg Yeah Friday #35

Whit and I had a date night in Bogota. We had a friggen delicious dinner. Found a cool bar for a night cap afterwards. Whit went for a margarita and I ordered a craft beer. 

Our hostel was also a concert venue. This sounded friggen fun in theory, but then the bands turned out to be Colombian punk and metal bands. Safe to say we slept with ear plugs. Still cool to get a taste for the Colombian music scene. 

We were recommended a restaurant to try some of the more typical foods of Colombia. Whit ordered this creamy chicken soup thing called ajijaco. I ordered the campesino’s almuerzo which was pretty much a stew with corn, potatoes, sausage and some other meats. Pretty friggen delicious. 

This was one of my favorites from the National Museum in Bogota. It was huge and friggen vibrant. 

The National Museum was really beautiful and big. We explored all 3 stories. Lots of different art mediums and interactive displays. Would recommend this one. Frigg Yeah! 

We found a very friggen strange bar on our first night in Bogota. Whit ordered a dirty martini and I got a beer. We could have gotten a tarot card reading but we decided to save our money. 

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