Frigg Yeah Friday #25

Friggen covered in dirt and beat to shit after 2 days of old school trad routes that haven’t been climbed in years.

Shortly after I slipped and broke my friggen ass in that slippery water canal. Nice view though.

After however many hours of climbing, we escaped to the river and shade to relax and gaze upon the route we just climbed. Water looks good but I think it gave me friggen diarrhea.

First route with new 70 meter half ropes. Steep learning curve managing the new amount of material. We had our fair share of tangles. Even managed to get our rope stuck on the first rappel. Trad is rad until this happens. FRIGG NO to this.

Trust old (semi-rusty) quick links and even older abandoned ropes for a rappel was a little sketchy. At least the new ropes look friggen sweet!

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