All Saints Day in Peru

On November 1st a lot of Peruvians celebrate All Saints Day. Today the streets were full with flower vendors so that people could buy fresh flowers to bring to their loved ones who have passed on. Many families will bake bread, spend the day together and visit the cemeteries where friends and family members have been buried.

Having moved out of my host family’s house I was not able to participate in these types of activities (nor do I think they went to the cemetery or baked bread). I chose to spend the day with a friend in the department capital. The whole day however I couldn’t get off my mind the loved ones that were close to me who have moved on. So because I can’t go to a cemetery or be with my family, I’ve decided to upload flowers and remember them here on my blog. Below you will find names, images and some poetry about the people I’ve loved and lost.

♥Grandma Arlene Crowe                                                 ♥Grandpa Bill Crowe

Jake Koltun                                                                                     ♥Derek Winton

♥Kelly Cano                                                                                          ♥Matt Lackey

♥Eric Cruz


Far From Forgotten

After one’s departure

We often think:

Where do our lovers go?

What is the next step?

Not once do we hypothesize:

Where does the world go,

when our lovers can’t speak?

They are the ones who might be missing

But we are the ones who are lost

Struggling to be found.

Without it we are not whole

Turning inward

We pray



Surely there must be a destination?

We hold tight the ideas of them

Their laughter, smile, smell and voice

And fight against the forgetting


My Best Friend Moved Away Today

A man moved away today.

Not just any man, a very special man.

A son moved away today.

A son who was loyal to his mother and father.

A brother moved away today.

A brother who learned from and loved his siblings.

A friend moved away today.

A friend that made everyone feel welcome, even the stranger.

A lover moved away today.

A lover whose tenderness can never be replaced.

My best friend moved away today.

A best friend who’s place I’d rather take.

Where he’s moved, I am not sure.

Why he’s gone, I’ll never know.

In the meantime, I’ll wait.

And love him like he’s never gone.

Rest In Peace

I Love You


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