Frigg Yeah Friday #17


Whitney’s first breakfast on the street. Avocado, cheese or egg sandwhiches are just 1 friggen sol! 


Of course Whitney finds the only friggen slackline in all of Lima. I was very impressed. 


Good friggen views from the roof of my new place. Good smiles too. 


Not sure what’s prettier, the lake and mountains or Whitney. Who the frigg am I kidding? It’s definitely Whitney. 


Climbing upwards of 600 feet off the deck. That a lot of friggen feet! and a lot of friggen fun! 


Whitney is very good at staying hydrated on a normal basis. But especially when she’s battling altitude sickness and a stomach bug. At least the friggen views were nice. 


Frigg yes! Whitney took me surfing. She crushed while I got my butt whooped. My arms were like noodles after an hour of paddling. I managed to stand up on two waves and only almost drown once. 

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