Expectations vs. Reality

As a PCV, you are constantly being told to lower your expectations. Some might think that this approach is nihilistic or demotivating. However, from my experience it has helped a lot. Entering into an experience with very few and very low expectations (or non at all) is actually an extremely rare experience…. and really hard to do. But when it’s done correctly, you prepare yourself for success. After all, the only direction you can from the bottom is UP!

When in life do we get to immerse ourselves in complete mystery? Often times there is some background knowledge, some expectation of what that experience might be. We’ve done our research, read books, blogs and asked questions. And sure, I’ve done some of this myself, but a Peace Corps service is entirely your own. Entirely a mystery until you step foot in your community and begin to live.

So if you want a taste for what I mean, please check out this video. I hope it makes you laugh. It had our entire training class rolling in laughter.

I’ll just leave this here.

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