How Do You Measure Strength?

There is a trend in our culture,

To emphasize strength.

In some cases, it’s all about length.

I’m not so sure,

How I feel about this definition.

Using masculinity as a form of ammunition.

Nor do I like,

strength as a mission.

A journey to place others under commission.

Strength is not about,

Weight, fate or the absence of tears.

Nor about collecting capital over the years.

Strength is not a thing,

Or an accomplishment of a goal.

Consuming glutinously to fill that aching hole.

No, strength is a way of being,

The expression of a feeling.

A way to provide a sense of healing.

Strength is an action,

A perpetual flow.

The ability to radiate a loving glow.

Strength is a process,

A never ending type of work.

Not to be pushed aside with sloth and a smirk.

Strength is a connection,

 a foundation of friendship.

The taste of a kiss upon your lip.

Strength is for you and for me,

A gift we can share.

Please never stop to give it care.

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