Teddy Dondanville


The earth jumps alive with every step. The wind reminds us of our breath. The sun lights the way.   With music…in perpetual sway.

At the feet of giants, I am born. Forever torn. At the feet of giants, I grow. To this world I must show. At the feet of giants, I acquire. Knowledge. Though they call me a liar. At the feet of giants, I shrink. Have I found the link? At the feet of giants, I rest my eyes and slumber. Hard as lumber.

Forsaken… taken… for granted. These seeds that have been planted, By me…for me? Which is me? The scholar? Or do they have me by the collar? I swell with frustration and holler, for help. Once a roar, now a yelp…HELP. Me, grow this tree of wisdom. So that I may give some… LOVE and HOPE To those living under the scope. Magnify…like a fly, I am trapped. To see who I wish… Read More

Like my heart, my knee rests in two. As two pieces flow free, I lose track of that which is me. Speed and fluidity turn to greed and atrocity while independence bows to its evil twin, and freedom surrenders within. A process in progress, A patient in patience. Not much remains, but to sit and watch the gains, one collects and reflects from their defects.